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Players approaching the 4th/13th/18th double brown must give priority to players (a) Teeing-off on the 5th/14th Tee or (b) Already putting out on either hole of the double brown
Anywhere outside the perimeter fence and outside the out of bounds marker (ropes) boards near the Clubhouse.
Water basins or culverts on any part of the course. These hazards are marked by red and orange (yellow) posts and any water or ground inside the posts is part of the hazard (Rules of Golf 26-1 Relief for ball in Water Hazard to be used). High spring tide flooding on the fairways to be treated as casual water.
Marked by blue posts and ropes, a ball lying within the fairway may be moved one club's length not nearer the hole and may be placed on artificial grass.
A ball Lays in the fairway when it lies in or any part of it touches the fairway (the imaginary outside line of the blue posts or inside fairway rope).
The artificial grass should be put in place before the ball is moved.
When ball is placed on artificial grass no part of ball should be nearer then 2 inches to the edge, and artificial grass can not be moved any more
(Rules of golf 18:2).
The putting surface may be brushed to remove foot prints and loose impediments prior to putting.
When putting stroke is obstructed by Bound, the ball may be placed on nearest point for relief, not nearer the hole.
A ball plugged in Bund (any side) should be placed in the nearest position which affords relief, not nearer the hole.
If ball is plugged on bunker side of bound ball should be placed closest as possible to plugging point and released for free roll to bunker.
A ball dropped may be rolled one rotation only not nearer the hole to bring it out of the depression caused by the drop.
If the ball is lodged against a fairway marker rope (declared as immovable obstructions by the committee) on the 'rough' side in such a way that it could cause at obstruction to the swing, then the ball may be picked up and "dropped" within one club length on rough side of rope, not nearer the hole.
Planted tree below 1.5m height are protected. If such a tree interferes with a player’s stance or the area of his intended swing, the ball must be lifted without penalty, may be cleaned and dropped within one club length not nearer the hole.
A ball touching the rope must be played as is, Rules 28 of Golf must be applied. Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions. 
If all players of a match agree that a ball is lost on a fairway (5 min. to search) a substitute ball can be played, without penalty, from as near as possible the spot where the original ball is likely to be.
Slow Playing
Holding up following players is a serious breach of good etiquette. A slower group must always call a faster group through.
On leaving the Brown, the player must sweep the surface so all footprints are removed.
Should not be pulled in rough or on aprons (compacted area in front of browns)
Players must observe all golf rules in the bunker and rake the sand after they have played their shot
We do play according to the R&Arules, but we have additional local rules:
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