Al Dhafra Golf Club
PO BOX 12016
Al Ruwais, Abu Dhabi UAE
Last modified: 2013-12-13 12:19:24

Dear members,

We are always looking for new avenues of communication with our members. Many of you are already receiving our mailings, but we thought these newspages would be a great way of letting you know what's going on. So, I would like to personally welcome you to our first issue.

These pages will be published reguraly. You’ll find it packed with interesting stories, club news, and specials. We hope the pages will also be a useful resource for whatever else you need to know about Al Dhafra Golfclub.

Please send us your comments. Your feedback is very valuable, as it helps us design this website. We would like to know what you expect from us so we can continue to work on it.


Please come back and enjoy the pages, wink


Alexander B,